Improvisation – How is the brain able to be creative?

Shutting down the part of brain that says: “careful!” and letting the mistakes come out as creative new ideas. I want to share this TED Talk with you: 

“Charles Limb reviews his groundbreaking work studying creativity and the brain — by putting musicians inside an fMRI and watching as they improvise. For the past decade, he’s been working with jazz piano players, revealing astonishing new data about the way the brain creates art.” How is the brain able to be creative? asks Charles Limbs. First, I noticed that his basic assumption is that the brain is able to be creative. and I do believe that any human brain, can reach any level of creativity, as long as the brain owner  ;o)   will not stand in the way. Rap and Jazz Charles Limb researches the area of Jazz and Rap musicians. Rap He threw random surprise words at rapers, as they were rapping - and he let them integrate the words into their improvised text. they did not know what’s coming next - they dealt with each surprise as it came. I found this very interesting, because this is exactly what I enjoy doing with writing: When I improvise - allow myself a free move between those surprising connection-less words, I give my self permission to make stupid mistakes, or silly connection, writing down the first thing that comes to my mind - I allow this first thought, first idea, to be on paper, and have a chance to exist, and maybe grow. It comes from listening very closely to 1 and to another 1, and letting the combination 2 - come easy, be what ever it will be. when I produce a lot of those - some will come out boring and useless, and some will come out cool and funny. So I was super curious to see - what did Limb discover studding those rappers brains? So, He says that when you are free styling, versus memorising, you have got, of course, language areas active in the brain. More interestingly though, also happening in the brain: visual activity, motor coordination activity. So, yes... after listening to this TED talk I became even more intrigued with the subject.

Because I’ve always thought that Improvisation opens a door to creativity. and recently, I read that Steve Jobs believed "Creativity is just connecting things.“

What I think is, that Improvisation trains the brain muscles for finding new connections between seemingly connection-less things (people, places, events).

for more about that: Happy happy happy holidays, and new year  ;o)

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