The Zurich Talking Creativity Group

is about interesting people creating new contacts. New opportunities coming to life. it's exciting to see, and to be a part of. This group is for you if you're new in town, want to make new friends, be social, and do some networking - with people who think like you. This group is for you if you like being creative, and want to keep this part in you alive - meeting other creative people can help. See who is in the group, Join, and RSVP to the next meetup here:
Maybe you're not a professional creator, and maybe you are.
Maybe you're just thinking about being creative, maybe you're creative daily, and maybe monthly.
The purpose of the group is meeting like minded creative people and spending some time together.
We meet every once in a while, have a coffee, chat. I decided to start the group because this kind of networking is important for my own creativity. Maybe your creativity needs company, like my own. This group is for you if you're building a table, a company, if you're painting, cooking, photographing and... what? what are you doing? Looking forward to meeting you, Lihi