What They Say

 "I sincerely enjoy attending your classes because you bring an atmosphere of calm and fun."
September 2014, Chad wrote, Portrait painting course
"Lihi, Thank you very much for the course, I enjoyed it a lot. It really helped me to get back into drawing and reminded me that sometimes one just has to be a bit brave and just have a try - regardless of what the end result looks like."
December 2013, Caroline wrote, Portrait painting course
"Lihi, You have a playful, peaceful, natural, joyful, nonjudgmental, free-style approach to teaching how to paint and draw and it's working for me."
February 2013, Lisa wrote, Portrait painting course
"You've definitely helped me break through my own mental blocks as i approach art. for me that's been the most difficult thing by far, and you've shown total understanding and patience with that aspect of the creative process. that's something that some instructors are not prepared to address; the assumption is that everyone is in their class because they're passionate about making art, which, while it may be true, doesn't make it any less challenging to tackle the inner critics and perfectionism that so many of us carry around.
 having helped me come up with ways of coping with that harsh inner critic, you've also (relatedly) shown me ways to get started on new projects, with less focus on the perfect end product and more focus simply on getting started--which is often the hardest part.
 so, hats off, lihi! i'm very glad to have signed up and i hope to continue to study with you."
June 2012, G.k. wrote, Portrait painting course

"You have showed and convinced me – through my work & progress – that one can really learn how to draw. I expected nothing but was curious to be introduced in the secret of the technique of drawing. Thank you for giving me this key moment."
Nov 2011, Claudine wrote
"The first lesson was very good, I learned to see things from a different perspective and seeing into details. And thats a revolution for just the first lesson." June 2011, Steph wrote
"The atmosphere is relaxed, Lihi is a great teacher and she provides as much or as little guidance and structure as you want. I really enjoy coming to class (even though I'm usually late!!! - new years resolution failed already)"
Jan 2011, Vicki wrote
"Hi Lihi, Just wanted to tell you how happy we are, to have known you as Aditi's drawing teacher. Aditi has been training under you for the past six months and we have seen her improve well in her drawing, She is now a very confident person attempting to draw even harder things which she would have never attempted to draw, if not for your training. She seems to have enjoyed all your drawing sessions and have gained a lot of ideas and approaches to drawing things. I would like to thank you for your individual attention given to her during your lessons and wish you the very best in your professional life and your personal life. Aditi will definately miss you. Thank you very much."
Ramya, March 2011
“Hi Lihi, I wanted to say how much I really enjoyed my first class last night. It was really nice to get out and meet some friendly faces and you gave me some new ways of looking at drawing I had long forgotten, or not considered before. I will keep working on my picture from home here in Schaffhausen until I get to my next class. Unfortunately I am not able to make the next few weeks as I now have to be back in UK on 10th, Monday evening, ......Please can you let Hilary and Vicky know I will be back in February and look forward to seeing you all again then. I noticed you put some crackers out for us, if we took it in turns to bring a bottle of wine and some plastic glasses would that be allowed occasionally so we could stay back and chat some more? Do feel free to use my comments above on your website as a testimonial if you wish and I will see you next month again, with my new, fireproof, pencil case! Kind regards, Helen Gould“ 
Helen, Jan 2011
"Im Internet bin ich auf Lihis Zeichenkurs gestossen und habe mich für eine Lektion angemeldet. Mittlerweile habe ich an mehreren Abendkursen bei Lihi teilgenommen. Schon von Anfang an habe ich mich wohl gefühlt. Die Atmosphäre in den Kursen ist sehr angenehm. Lihi ist eine von Herzen freundliche und engagierte Lehrerin und durch ihre offene Art war sie mir auf Anhieb sympathisch. Sie geht auf die Wünsche der Schüler ein und hilft ihnen sich so gut wie möglich zu entfalten. Ich habe bei ihr verschiedene Zeichentechniken gelernt und sie hat mir Methoden gezeigt wie ich mein Talent selbständig weiterentwickeln kann. Sie gibt sich viel Mühe meine Fragen zu beantworten und passt ihre Lektionen meinen Fähigkeiten und Vorstellungen an. Ich habe in der Zeit während ich an diesen Kursen teilnahm grosse Fortschritte gemacht. Und wenn ich einmal einwenig frustriert über meine Arbeit war, weil mir nichts so gut gelang wie ich es mir wünschte, hatte sie immer ein ermunterndes Wort und ein offenes Ohr für mich. Ich kann Lihis Zeichenkurse jedem weiter empfehlen der gerne in gemütlicher Atmosphäre und guter Gesellschaft seine zeichnerischen Fähigkeiten verbessern möchte."
Boris Rothmund, March 2011